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Research article investigation of the antiinflammatory. Oroxylum indicum, phytochemicals screening, antibacterial, tlc thin layer chromatography, sikkim himalaya, a folklore medicine introduction l. Effect of additives on micropropagation of an endangered. Oroxylum indicum, a traditional chinese medicinal plant, which was collected. Investigation of oroxylum indicum for future research. Inhibition of tumor cells proliferation and migration by the flavonoid furin inhibitor isolated from oroxylum indicum. Phytochemical and antimicrobial study of oroxylum indicum ncbi.

Making most religious khada, page marking of buddhists literature, religious decoration etc all are done by its white papery seeds. Effect of additives on micropropagation of an endangered medicinal tree oroxylum indicum l. Oroxylum indicum oroxylum indicum is native to subcontinent of india. Investigations to understand the disease and research for suitable medications are making the best efforts to combat this disease. Oroxylum indicum is widely used by the indians for the treatment of various ailments. Introduction traditional medicine is widely spread globally and it is the almost exclusive source of primary health care for 80% of the worlds population 1. In this study, we aimed to establish a fast and sensitive method that enables to analyze the chemical components in o. In this study, we aimed to establish a fast and sensitive method that enables to analyze the chemical components in oroxylum indicum qualitatively and quantitatively. It promotes us to evaluate effects of oroxylum indicum on intestinal motility, both in vitro and in vivo, in rodents. Phytochemical screening and evaluation of analgesic. Oroxylum indicum is known as totola in nepalese language.

Roots, leaves and stems of oroxylum indicum have been used as a single drug or as a component of certain compound drug preparations in the indian ayurvedic system of medicine for treatment. Full examination report can be referred at 2946mum2009. Oroxylin a is a flavone that is present in oroxylum indicum and in scutellaria baicalensis. Oroxylum indicum l vent bignoniaceae is an important but endangered medicinal. Root bark of sonapatha is an astringent, tonic, antidiarrhoeal, diuretic, anodyne, and is used to cure dropsy.

Effect of additives on micropropagation of an endangered medicinal. It was also reported that oroxylum indicum is found in sri lanka ceylon, cambodia. Kurz extract inhibits adipogenesis and lipase activity in vitro tanaporn hengpratom1, gordon m. It is also found in the forest of manas national park of assam, india. It is an ingredient of dashamoolarishta of ayurvedic medicine. Originally published in the journal blumea, it is available as a pdf on the interne. Oroxylum indicum a traditional dietary nutraceutical supplement, were compared with both experimental radical scavenging action and osmotic fragility test on human erythrocytes and theoretical density functional theory dft b3lyp631g calculations and in silico docking with haemoglobin and albumin for their redox properties. Oroxylum indicum is propagated naturally by seeds, which germinate in the beginning of th e rainy season. Phytochemistry and free radical scavenging activities of. Habit small tree 58 m tall with thick bark and large corky lenticels. Inhibition of tumor cells proliferation and migration by. As the outcome of tkdl references and other documents cited in examination report, the application is abandoned us 211. Various segments of the tree are used in traditional medicine.

Oroxylum indicum has long been used in asian traditional medicine to prevent and treat respiratory diseases, diabetes, diarrhea and other. Ethnomedicinal plants of manas national park, assam, northeast india. Each part of the plant can be utilized as remedies for various diseases. Academic sciences asian journal of pharmaceutical and.

Total flavonoids from oroxylum indicum induce apoptosis. In the present study, h 22 bearing mice and smmc7721 models were employed to evaluate the antitumor activity of tf and to and investigate its possible mechanisms both in vitro and in vivo. Separation of flavonoids from the leaves of oroxylum indicum by hsccc. Kurz has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in asia in ethnomedicinal systems for the prevention and treatment of several diseases, such as jaundice, arthritic and rheumatic problems, gastric ulcers, tumors, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and diarrhea and dysentery, among others. A the sequence of p53responsive element p53re in reporter construct is shown, and the consensus p53 binding sequence w can be a or t, and r and y strand for purine and pyrimidine bases, respectively is shown below. Oroxylum indicum plants have been studied to establish their identification using polymerase chain reactionrestriction fragment length polymorphism pcrrflp technique. The dried powder of the barks of the plant was extracted with 95% ethanol and was subjected to various phytochemical tests to ascertain the principle constituents contained in the extract. Justicia adhatoda, oroxylum indicum, rauvolfia densiflora, rauvolfia serpentina, terminalia arjuna. Bignoniaceae has led to the isolation of two flavonoids. Oroxylum indicum has long been used in asian traditional medicine to prevent and treat respiratory diseases, diabetes, diarrhea and other conditions.

We aimed to study phytochemical screening and analgesic activity of ethanol extract of oroxylum indicum. Oroxylum indicum vent how is oroxylum indicum vent. Indian journal of biotechnology vol 16, july 2017, pp 357365 genetic diversity in oroxylum indicum l. Genetic diversity analysis of oroxylum indicum l international. In a number of south asian countries, the seeds of o. Mostly sighted along the river banks or slopes of the hills except in the western drier area, the plant is distributed throughout india and south east asia. The tree has been named after an incident depicted in an ancient story by cicero, in which there is a sword hanging over the head of damocles, from which we get the wellknown reference to the. Oroxylum indicum is a fastgrowing, lanky and sparsely limbed evergreen or partly deciduous tree with an open, irregular crown. However, the mechanism underlying the antiadipogenesis of this plant has not been fully investigated. Effect of oroxylum indicum on intestinal motility in. Wawan sujarwo, ary prihardhyanto keim, in bioactive food as dietary interventions for diabetes second edition, 2019.

Efficient use of acetone extractive of oroxylum indicum for the. Leaf fall occurs during winter season january each year. Ethanol extract of oroxylum indicum bark increased p53 transcriptional activity. Oroxylum indicum is a species of flowering plant belonging to the monotypic genus oroxylum and the family bignoniaceae, are commonly called midnight horror, oroxylum, indian trumpet flower, broken bones, indian caper, or tree of damocles. Oroxylum indicum root bark extract prevents doxorubicininduced. Commercialization of ayurvedic products have led to a shortage of raw materials, which in turn led to adulteration and substitution, and more often, the root of a plant gets substituted with its stem. Antibacterial activity of stem bark extracts of oroxylum.

This salt may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Lowe2, kanjana thumanu3, siriporn suknasang1, kanokwan tiamyom1 and griangsak eumkeb1 abstract background. While natural products exhibit several beneficial health effects, they can induce unintended hepatotoxicity. Kurz is a medium sized deciduous tree commonly known as sonapatha, shyonaka, or shivnak. An overview of its nutritional, remedial, and prophylactic properties d c deka 1, vimal kumar 2, chandan prasad 3, kamal kumar 4, b j gogoi 5, lokendra singh 6, r b srivastava 7. Phytochemical and antimicrobial study of oroxylum indicum. A neighbourjoining tree based on 16s rrna gene sequences of type strains of.

Oroxylum indicum, as a popular functional chinese herbal medicine for removing hyperactivity, relieving sore. Antiallergic effect of oroxylin a from oroxylum indicum. Oroxylum indicum, as a popular functional chinese herbal medicine for reducing hyperactivity, relieving sore throat, smoothing the liver and adjusting stomach, mainly contains flavonoids. Bignoniaceae, sally bidgood, bernard verdcourt, kaj vollesen. Total flavonoids tf, derived from the seeds of oroxylum indicum l. Pressure alone resulted in faster closure than did conspeci. Ultrarapid, enhanced and ecofriendly extraction of four. Seedlings require moderate shade in the early stages. The medicinally active plant oroxylum indicum oi has drawn considerable research interest because of its many observed biological activities.

Pdf chemical profiling of bark and leaves of oroxylum indicum l. Oroxylum indicum is a mediumsized, softwooded tree attaining a height of 1016 m. Bignoniceae is a commonly known medicinal plant that distributes throughout the territory of vietnam, particularly in the southern and the central highlands of vietnam. All parts of this tree is used as medicine to treat many diseases. Antiviral activities of oroxylum indicum extracts on chikungunya.

Pollination ecology and breeding system of oroxylum indicum bignoniaceae in the foothills of the western himalaya created date. Investigation on the in vitro antioxidant capacity of. Antimicrobial activity, oroxylum indicum, stem bark extract, zone of inhibition i. Generally it is found in some parts of himalayas, bhutan, indochina, south china and malaysia eco zones. Oroxylum indicum is one such plant, used in several ayurvedic preparations and is one of the ingredients of dasamoolam, officinal part being root bark. The board of trustees of the royal botanic gardens, kew.

Oroxylum indicum a medicinal plant of north east india. Browse pictures and read growth cultivation information about oroxylum species, broken bones, indian caper, indian trumpet flower, midnight horror oroxylum indicum supplied by member gardeners. The size of its region varied from 650 bp to 850 bp. Oroxylum indicum extract does not induce hepatotoxicity in. Comparative phytochemical profiling and in vitro antioxidant activity of extracts from raw materials, tissuecultured plants, and callus of oroxylum indicum l. In vitro propagation of oroxylum indicum an endangered medicinal tree. Phytochemical and antimicrobial studies of oroxylum. It belongs to family bignoniaceae and is widely distributed throughout. Oroxylum indicum is regarded as a traditional food with medicinal properties and is used widely throughout asia. Herbal medicines are regarded by the public and some health care. Oroxylum indicum bignoniaceae, also known as sonapatha or shyonaka is commonly used herbal medicine in ayurvedic system. Because the root extracts of both plants have been shown to have antiallergic effects, the authors investigated whether oroxylin a is likely to have. This distributive pattern of genetic variation of oroxylum indicum l vent accessions provides an important. Effect of additives on multiple shoot regeneration from apb and axb explants of o.

Pdf separation of flavonoids from the leaves of oroxylum. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of oroxylum. Oroxylum indicum is used for oxidative stress, inflammation, cancer, diarrhea, fever, ulcer, jaundice, arthritis, microbial infections and other conditions. The chromatographic examination of the ethyl acetate extract of a local plant oroxylum indicum vent. Oroxylum indicum bignoniaceae a broken bone tree is a native tree often grown as an ornamental for its strange appearance.

Oroxylum indicum pdf oroxylum indicum is known by such regional names as bhatghila, tona, bhutvriksha. The viral inhibitory effect was assessed by the morphological changes of vero cells. Roots, leaves and stems of oroxylum indicum have been used as a single drug or as a component of certain compound drug preparations in the indian ayurvedic system of medicine for treatment of various disorders as well as used as a tonic and rasayana drug. Efficient use of oroxylum indicum extract for the improvement of quality of silk in silkworm.

Pdf diversity study on endophytic fungi associated with oroxylum. Biological activities of extracts and two flavonoids from. The tree is recognized by ternately bipinnate leaves. From the stem bark of oroxylum indicum, three flavones namely baicalein 1, oroxylin 2 and pinostrobin 3 along with one sterol, stigmast7en3ol 4 were isolated and their structures were. Oroxylum species, broken bones, indian caper, indian. Pdf on nov 6, 20, pe rajasekharan and others published chemical profiling of bark and leaves of oroxylum indicum l find, read and cite all the research.

In india, roots are used in ayurvedic preparation called. Medicinal tree shyonak oroxylum oroxylum indicum shyonak oroxylum indicum is a medicinal tree, which is used in many ayurvedic medicines. Kurz is a species of flowering plant belonging to the monotypic genus oroxylum frequently spelled oroxylon and the. Pdf endophytic fungi were isolated from different parts of oroxylum indicum familybignoniaceae. Rai, in vitro propagation of oroxylum indicum vent. Oroxylum refers to the seeds from the tree oroxylum indicum, commonly called the tree of damocles. Internal transcribed spacer its region of these plants were pcr amplified by using primers its1 f and its4r.

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